Colours come to life with the LUXEON Stylist series

  • Date
    September 10, 2018
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Bring colours to life with LUXEON Stylist Series
Did you know that special LEDs designed for fashion retail, fresh food or hospitality can be fitted to Illuxtron fixtures? The LUXEON Stylist series comprises a range of chip-on-board LED modules that accentuate specific parts of the colour spectrum and bring out the best in colours.

This highlights the products and rooms in question even better. The series consists of a set of four different types, each developed to have specific characteristics for different sectors.

• CrispWhite and CrispColor are technologies for the fashion retail sector
• FreshFocus technology is for fresh food
• AtmoSphere technology was especially developed for hospitality venues


Fashion Retail

Almost all fabrics, clothing and dyes contain FWAs, Fluorescent Whitening Agents. So we added a deep blue component to our CrispWhite LEDs that activates the FWAs. This makes products look brighter and fresher than under regular LEDs. It does the same with colours using CrispColor LEDs. CrispColor LEDs bring out the best of colours, displaying them as clear, saturated and lively. This really brings products to life.

Fresh Food

FreshFocus LEDs enhance the visual freshness of fresh food. After all, shop customers tend to ‘buy’ using their eyes. This innovative lighting solution helps present red or marbled meat, fish, bread and pastries attractively and emphasizes the ‘just picked’ appearance of fresh fruit and vegetables. On top of that, LED lighting saves energy, reduces the environmental burden and helps keep products fresh for longer without IR and UV.


There is probably no need for us to explain to you how lighting can make or break the ambience you want to create. That’s why the special AtmoSphere LEDs were developed for hospitality applications such as restaurants. These advanced LEDs were designed to create the optimum balance between lighting and a pleasant ambience. They help create a pleasant experience that people will want to repeat.

LUXEON Stylist Series and Illuxtron

The LUXEON Stylist Series is compatible with lots of Illuxtron fixtures. The various technological innovations are widely used in the Odion XS, Odion XL and Linea AS trackspots, as well as in the Linea DS-FA 120, DS-F 150, DS-A 195 and Linea DS-AT downlights. For more information about the various options and prices, please contact our Sales team. You can do that by contacting or by phoning +31 (0)857-736360. You can find specific information about the LUXEON Stylist Series in the datasheet – download it here.