Replacement for LV+PS modules

A few weeks ago we informed you that our Linea and Curion 185 LV+PS generation 1 will replaced by our generation 2 versions. These generation 2 luminaires looks the same, however the performances are even better. You can find this luminaire in our catalogue by the name of Curion and Linea LV(-HE)+PS (Gen 2).
Logically, you would like to know exactly what these technical differences are. For a start, the generation 2 luminaires allow us to create more light output using less energy. Hereby the official energy label moves up from A to A+. The generation 1 luminaires needed 15,5 W to create a light output of 1250 Lumen, while the generation 2 luminaires need just 11,2 W to create a light output of 1400 Lumen. As a result, the efficiency of the luminaires increases greatly: from 80 Lm/W (Gen 1) to 110 Lm/W (Gen2). With these efficiency levels the luminaires even meet the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) (now applying).
Colour rendering
With the generation 2 luminaires we can also offer you more options. We can now offer you 3 different lumen outputs instead of 2: 1400, 2200 and 3500 in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. The Linea and Curion are both equipped with a Cree TrueWhite® LED technology module. These high-end modules create an excellent colour rendering in combination with maximum efficiency. That good a colour rendering is quite unique in combination with a high Lm/W ratio. The CRI of the generation 2 modules is 95. Also the Rg-level of 105 is extremely high, resulting in superior contrast within colours. CREE, as opposed to many other manufacturers, has paid enormous attention to maintaining the quality of colour rendering during the entire lifetime of a luminaire. This means that even at the end of a luminaire’s lifetime, the colour rendering is as good as when you first bought it.
The TrueWhite technology is a patented technology of CREE.
If you have any questions regarding the technical performances or delivery times, please contact us via e-mail ( or phone (+31 85 7736360).