small downlights

Popular and traditional

Looking to create the perfect ambience? Look no further than these luxurious downlights. Offering a variety of designs, beam angles, and dimmable versions, these compact lights can be customized to your precise preferences. With many product families boasting protection class up to IP65, you can rest assured that your ceiling will look uniform and stylish.

The HV-FD downlights with high voltage can be directly connected to 230V without needing an external driver. This makes them perfect for retrofitting current lighting or for use in projects. You can also choose the LV version with CRI97 for an exceptional lighting experience. The colours will appear just as natural as they do in nature.

Put your products in the spotlight with special LED's 

Choose Stylist Series LEDs to put your products in the spotlight. Ideal for car dealerships, bakeries, galleries, clothing shops, and many other high-end applications. 

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