• Date
    August 8, 2016
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We have had to wait a while for the final introduction but now the first orders of the DS-A and DS-AT have been sent! During the developing process we received several samples and after a few tests we had to conclude that the samples did not meet our quality standards. At that point we had to make the decision to postpone the introduction until we were 100% satisfied with these great products. And that moment is finally here.
Developing process
We would like to give you an impression of the DS-A and DS-AT’s developing process. An extended version of this project can be found under the caption ‘white papers’ on this website. Our R&D team started in 2014 with drafting and developing the DS-A and DS-AT. When we received the first samples, we found out that when the spot was tilted out of the ceiling, it was possible to look through the ceiling plates. That made the overall view messy and for that reason our R&D team chose to create a box around the luminaire. However, when testing the sample including this new construction it turned out that this solution was very hard to install. Installation was only possible with at least two people. Also there was almost no space to connect the cables. As of that moment the team started working on the user friendliness of these luminaires. After completing this step, the samples and their technical performance were approved: the DS-A and DS-AT were ready for production.
Because we expected these luminaires to be introduced much earlier, we already added them to our previous catalogue. Therefore, please note that the specifications in our previous catalogue are not correct. We expect to launch our new catalogue in which all the correct data is added, in September this year. Until that time you can download the latest datasheets on Illuxtron.eu/downloads.
Are you interested in this spot or would you like to receive more information? Please contact our sales department via sales@illuxtron.com or via +31 85 7736360. Please note that because of the popularity of this product, the delivery times might deviate.