Aviora FL: Flexible and modular LED panel

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    October 3, 2018
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Aviora FL Illuxtron International
Here at Illuxtron our focus is not only on quality but also on the broad applicability of our LED luminaires. Aviora FL is a perfect example of this. The modular luminaire is exceptionally flexible, it has a low mounting depth and is suitable for bandraster ceilings.

Unique “Dark Light” technology

The Aviora FL features a special “Dark Light” reflector. The highly reflective facets deliver a high light yield. The microfacets ensure that the light is directed precisely where it needs to go. Despite the high light yield the luminaire has an extremely low glare value, between 15.7 and 18.9 UGR, making the Aviora FL ideal for lighting large spaces of all kinds where high light yield is essential, such as offices, production rooms and also hospitals.

Low energy consumption

When considering the illumination of large spaces you will probably be concerned about the potential for high energy consumption levels. However the targeted bundle produced by the Aviora FL means significantly less Watts per square metre are required to properly light the room, with no energy lost to scattered light. This results in a lower energy consumption than with other LED panels. And of course that is of benefit in virtually any situation.


The design is another crucial factor in ensuring the broad applicability of an LED luminaire, so that is another aspect we have considered deeply. We have opted for a minimalist contemporary design in a range of colours, allowing the luminaire to fit in with a wide range of interiors.

Need more lumens, or less? That’s no problem with the Aviora FL, a so-called “multiple lumen (MLM)” luminaire. Adjusting the driver dip switch sets the milliampere level, allowing you to adjust the lumen output to suit your precise needs.  The Aviora FL is available in a range of sizes: 595×595, 620×620, 1195×295 and 1720×100 mm and is available as No Dim, Dali, 1-10V & Push or Triac dim in white.

As well as these standard versions the Aviora FL can be modified to meet a range of requirements. We can offer flexibility in the positioning of the LEDs, the dimensions, colours and structure, even with small production runs. Ask our Sales team about the options, we’ll be happy to think things through with you.