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Aviora FL: Flexible and modular LED panel

Here at Illuxtron our focus is not only on quality but also on the broad applicability of our LED luminaires. Aviora FL is a perfect example of this. The modular luminaire is exceptionally flexible, it has a low mounting depth and is suitable for bandraster ceilings.

New building project Coers & Roest

Together with our partner Lightsupply, we have provided the lighting for the new premises of Coers & Roest | graphical productions BV. The rooms in the building are lit by the 3000K variant of our Aviora panel. Aviora The Aviora 3000K was chosen because it is a contemporary model that combines the experience and the functionality […]


[profiles-widget-placeholder] Aviora line Modern and minimalist LED profile with high light output and low glare value. Datasheet Aviora Line PCatalogue 2019 All profiles Aviora line P Aviora line SM Modern and minimalistic LED profile with high light output and low glare rate   Illuxtron’s LED profiles have a low UGR value making them suitable for [...]