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New in our range; the Luxeon Stylist Series

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We have a new technology in our collection; the Luxeon Stylist Series. Within this series we have four technologies: CrispWhite, CrispColor, FreshFocus and AtmosSpere. For each technology, a specific part of the colorspectrum is accentuated, making the colors shine even brighter.

These technologies are specially developed for retail businesses such as fashion stores, supermarkets and restaurants. For instance; the CrispWhite and CrispColor technology are most usable for fashion stores; clothing will look fresh and bright, exactly as they should. That’s what makes this technology so special!

FreshFocus, specially developed for supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants, will accentuate the freshness of the product, which gives it an irresistible visual appearance. Just imagine a loaf of bread with a clear visible crispy crust and radiating freshness or lettuce that looks so green and fresh as if it was just picked from the field.

Finally, we have the AtmoSphere technology, creating the ideal ambience in restaurants and other hospitality venues. It will provide the ultimate atmosphere which will enhance the customers restaurants experience.


– CrispWhite technology: revealing the whitest whites;
– CrispColor technology: highlighting rich colors and increasing contrast;

Fresh Food :
– FreshFocus technology: accentuating freshness and overall visual appeal, making food irresistible.;

– AtmoSphere technology: creating the ideal atmosphere and ambiance for restaurants and other hospitality venues and improves the overall experience.


Advantages of the Luxeon Stylist series:
– Applicable in every productrange, in every industry. The LED’s will be specificly adjusted per product.*
– Available in small editions.*
– Standard or optional available in many of our LED’s (like the Linea and Odion series).*
– The Luxeon Stylist is very inexpensive compared to the standard CRI 80 LEDs.*

Ask for the possibilities at your Area Sales Manager for information or to make an appointment

* price and delivery time on request.