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Illuxtron International is improving its processes

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Illuxtron International BV is continuously working to improve the processes that have, among other things, to do with our department Quality & Customer Support. One component is the RMA process. We want to ensure that the processing is becoming smoother and more efficient, to better serve our customers.

One of the main changes is to the RMA procedure, the one you come into contact with when reporting defects that need to be replaced in accordance with our warranty. The defective items and  original invoice will be credited to you after a quality notification.  Illuxtron will then send a new invoice along with the replacement goods. The payment of this new bill will, as of 01-01-2017 be due in 90 days instead of the previous standard policy of 30 days.

With the extended payment term we prevent you receiving payment reminders for open RMA invoices. This improvement will be effective from January 1st 2017. The extended payment term only applies on RMA related invoices.

Feel free to contact Customer Support at for any questions or feedback.