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The effect of salty air on Illuxtron luminaires

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Illuxtron luminaires are designed to last longer than most common LED luminaires. Mostly, our luminaires need nearly no maintenance. However, in some cases the environmental circumstances are so severe, that even Illuxtron luminaires are not resistant.
Every week our team of quality and R&D investigate defect products. This way we can continuously improve our products. Last week we received some products with corrosion under the epoxy powder surface. After speaking with the distributor, we learned that the luminaires were used at seaside.
This triggered us to investigate this project at seaside which was completed in 2014. In this restaurant 44 of our Fluxe 75 downlights were installed. A report was made to show you photos of the investigation and our conclusion. It describes what happens to luminaires that are too close to the sea.
The question here is who is responsible for this damage and does this situation cover our warranty conditions? Our downlights are primary designed for indoor use and cove lighting and they have only 1 layer of epoxy powder coating (like most products). Our engineers have many years of experience in the lighting industry and our decision to offer a 7 year warranty on all our products is based on their knowledge and expertise.
The report shows that warranty of 7 years cannot be offered under all circumstances. In this case, the two damaged luminaires were very close to the sea: just 50 to 100 meters. In severe weather circumstances it could happen that sea water or salty air gets in contact with the spots. When that happens, salt and aluminium get in contact. Salt speeds up the corrosion process, whereby the lifetime of (in this case) aluminium will reduce greatly. That is why our warranty is offered only under normal conditions. Even specialised outdoor lighting companies wouldn’t offer 7 years warranty in these conditions even if products are painted with several layers.
We hope to have informed you well with this article and white paper. We advise everyone to take a close look at the circumstances of a project so the customers get an honest advice.
The report including photos of this situation you can find under ‘white papers’ at this website.

Illuxtron keeps improving HV technique

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Ever since the start of Illuxtron International, its HV collection is of great importance to the overall product range. The technique in this field is changing rapidly. Luckily, Illuxtron’s R&D team doesn’t sit on its hands either. Optimising the HV technique is something that always has priority. And now we made a again a huge step forward.
Illuxtron’s HV luminaires have become very popular amongst our clients. Enough reason for us to look for improvements. By implementing new LEDs on the PCB boards we were able to take the next step in the field of efficiency. Because of this improvement we were able to make our 600 Lm luminaires no less than 43% more economical and our 900Lm luminaires 22%. In the table below you can read our preliminary test results.
600Lm 2700K: 55Lm/W à 72Lm/W
600Lm 3000K: 55Lm/W à 74Lm/W
600Lm 4000K: 55Lm/W à 82Lm/W
900Lm 2700K: 55Lm/W à 69Lm/W
900Lm 3000K: 55Lm/W à 71Lm/W
900Lm 4000K: 55Lm/W à 76Lm/W
The next view months the improvements will be implemented in our HV luminaires. We keep you posted!