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BLE-ND website is now online!

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After a period of intensive collaboration, our business partner BLE-ND has launched their website BLE-ND technology makes it possible to create white light between 1800K and 4000K with a CRI of no less than 97, as well as almost all RGB colours. What makes this technology unique, is the combination of being able to install RGB as well as white light colours, while maintaining a very high light quality. The other unique feature is the fact that these functions can be controlled via it’s own app.

Over the past few months research and tests have been done and samples have been made. As a result, the product is now in the last phase of development and we are happy to report that our luminaires with BLE-ND technology will be available soon. You will find all information on the new website

Are you interested in buying an Illuxtron luminaire with BLE-ND technology? Please let us know and we will tell you about all the possibilities!

New catalogue

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As you may have noticed, our new catalogue has come out! It is very important to us that relevant information is available to you at all times. Also, it is important that the information we offer is user friendly. Therefore, we made a special online version of our catalogue. When visiting our brand site or corporate website you will find our latest catalogue version, which you can browse. You don’t need to first download and save the whole file, you can go right ahead and just browse the online version! At the moment we are working on the Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian versions. They will soon be available.

Would you like to receive a paper version of this catalogue? Please contact our sales department (

Flicker and LED lighting

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The general problem of light flickering is well known. In modern LED lighting it seems as if there are more problems with flickering than there were with traditional lighting. Users generally think that it is a problem with LED luminaires. However, it is not a fault in the luminaire but rather caused by outside influences. LED luminaires are more sensitive to bad quality electric power supplied to the luminaire than traditional lighting. If the electric power is “clean” there is no flickering. In most cases the electric power is not clean, or there is a device like a dimmer that pollutes the power that is supplied to the luminaire. This paper describes the flicker phenomena, the causes and the remedies.

Four kinds of flicker are described:
– Irregular, load induced disturbances on the 230V power line
– Power line communication (CAB) disturbances
– Dimmer induced flicker
– Stroboscopic flicker

Each kind of flicker has its own solution which is presented in the paper. The general conclusion is that even with a bad power grid there is a solution for every flicker problem. This gives us the possibility of having maximum profit of modern LED lighting.

Have you noticed flickering Illuxtron products? Please let us know and we will help you find the cause.

Author: Bert Janssen (M.Sc) – Electrical Engineering Consultant at Illuxtron International