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Instant energy saving while enjoying excellent light quality

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For many companies, light is an important factor. However, experience teaches us that in many companies light falls short in the planned investments or in some cases, light is not even planned at all. Light is an important factor for success in many ways. Firstly, it contributes to the wellbeing of employees and thus their performance. Secondly, when light is used correctly to highlight a product, it can influence the buying behaviour of a customer in a positive way, which will increase your revenue.

The PureLight leasing concept means the latest LED technology without the expense of investing.
Your customers can now enjoy all the benefits of Illuxtron products, based on the latest LED technology, without having to invest and bind their capital. You can simply replace your traditional lighting for Illuxtron LED luminaires and pay a monthly fee. An added benefit is that all Illuxtron products have a 7 year warranty, whilst most leasing contracts are payed in full in three to four years.

Leasing rates are operational expenses, which are fully recognised in the income statement. In many cases, this structure (see example below) will generate a profit in energy savings from the first year of installation.

Author: Andreas Sado, Account Manager Germany at Illuxtron International

Dynamic white solutions

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During the entire day, dynamic lighting can influence our well-being. Change in atmospheric light can affect how we feel. Dynamic light is therefore a very comfortable light to work in. This is why Illuxtron panels are often used in schools, hospitals and offices.

Illuxtron dynamic lighting simulates daily rhythm. By positively influencing your biological clock during the day, you will stay alert and feel comfortable. By blending two different colour temperatures, we create the right atmosphere and setting for that particular moment of the day. For example a ‘cold’ colour temperature is suited for when you need to concentrate. A warm colour temperature, on the other hand, is associated with sociability.

Our dynamic LED panels combine good performance (5500 Lm, 130 Lm/W) with comfort. The panels can be installed with a DALI setting. By means of a Building Management System the user can control the panels. Another option is to order a stand-alone system. With a DALI stand-alone system it is possible to vary the colour intensity of the panels by hand or automatically.

BLE-ND enriches the possibilities with light

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BLE-ND is the brand name of the platform for Bluetooth Smart solutions.The name ‘BLE-ND’ means: Bluetooth Low Energy – New Definition. It is a new technology designed to create any RGB light colour and to switch from cool white to warm white. The luminaires can be controlled by the new Bluetooth wireless open standard. Using a special app you can make your own groups of luminaires and install them as you prefer. This innovation is implemented in several high-end Illuxtron armatures.

Internet of Things
Illuxtron is the first developing partner joining this platform. By using this innovation we can indent on the development of Internet of Things; the trend whereby all sorts of devices can be linked, making it possible to share information. Fabio van Damme, Product Development Engineer at Illuxtron International and project leader of the BLE-ND platform explains: “In our case we can create solutions whereby for example a red light goes on in unused rooms or offices, allowing cleaning companies to check whether or not a room is used and needs to be cleaned. Another possibility is to create a stroboscopic effect when the alarm goes on. Based on this new technology Illuxtron developed a Bluetooth Smart lamp which can be controlled with the BLE-ND app. The app will be available for all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. In this stadium the basic version is developed for Apple smartphones and tablets and the app is now undergoing extensive testing. The development of the Android-version just started.”

Illuxtron-spots with BLE-ND
First Bluetooth Smart will be available for all 75mm and 90mm armatures. Van Damme: “New spots are being developed at our R&D department. Small adjustments have been made to these spots to increase the durability. The antenna we use for the communication between the smartphone and spot is invisibly located at the front side of the luminaire, providing a control range of up to 30 meters. The antenna is optimised for our application.”

High quality white light
To create high quality light a cool white and a warm white LED is combined with an amber and red LED enabling white light ranging from 1800K to 4000K, with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of up to 97. The additional green and blue LEDs provide for RGB functionality. Six different LEDs, each with its own individual channel, conveniently controlled from the palm of your hand!

Multiple white & RGB light colours
Using this technology we create a highly efficient all-in-one luminaire creating white light ranging from 4000K to 1800K as well as any RGB light colour. The dimming character of a traditional incandescent lamp is replicated by utilizing red and amber LEDs in combination with the white LEDs. In addition, the luminaire has green and blue LEDs on board which enables millions of RGB light colours.