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New name, look and feel

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Since our foundation in 2009, our company has grown rapidly. For that reason, at the end of last year, the Management Team decided to take a closer look at the positioning and corporate identity of the company. That resulted in more clearly formulated positioning, and a clear determination of the company’s identity and core values. Hans van den Boom, our Chief Marketing Officer, will tell you all about this project below.

“All of the above lead to the change of the company’s name. We decided to use our most important brand for the new corporate name: ‘Illuxtron’, replacing the former name ‘LedsProgress’. We then decided to add ‘International’, to show our international character.

To market our brand Illuxtron more powerfully, the old brand logo was restyled in a more robust way. Only restyling kept the Illuxtron logo familiar.

The formulated positioning is now being implemented into all communication and marketing tools. During this process, the values ‘transparency’ and ‘reliable’ are most important. Hans: “We distinguish ourselves from competitors by being transparent, which is not common in the B-2-B branch but yet fits the modern age we are in. We live up to those standards by being open and honest about where our products are being made, the performances of our products and our extremely low failure rate, which is exceptional. We are open and upfront to our customers, telling them when our products do not meet a specific need. You could say our sales people are ‘remarkably straightforward’; we don’t sell hot air, we deliver. Our way of doing business is entirely based on offering smart solutions, offering high quality products and sharing our knowledge with you. Only that way Illuxtron products redeem themselves. You will see this philosophy in our new payoff: rewarding brightness.”

At all times, Illuxtron wants to be reliable, flexible, transparent and inventive. Hans explains: “You will see this not only in our payoff ‘rewarding brightness’ but also in our complete corporate concept by using words and visuals such as: ‘exceeding expectations’, ‘flexibility is key’, ‘reliability first’, ‘sharing knowledge’ and ‘distinctively straightforward’.

All of us work hard to bring these values to practise, every day. However, feel free to provide us with feedback!”

Project Hotel Orlando – Croatia

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We completed a project in Croatia last year (Srebreno, near Dubrovnik) in cooperation with IBF which is worth mentioning.
Hotel Orlando resort is a four-star hotel located practically on the shore. It offers a spectacular view over the Adriatic sea. It’s 239 rooms and 11 suits offer ultimate comfort in combination with exceptional interior and exterior design. Hotel Orlando was not a regular project. We were asked if it was possible to connect two luminaires to one driver. Normally, we connect one luminaire per driver. A challenge for our R&D department. They performed several tests and came to the conclusion that it is possible to do so.
Multiple products of ours were used for Hotel Orlando:

  • Linea 185 LV+PS
  • Linea 75
  • Cylinder 235
  • TCI PS 50W

One of the advantages of our company is our flexibility. We are happy to find you smart solutions. This is only one of many projects for which we adjusted our products.
We expect to receive project photos soon so we can show you the final result!

Dimmable Linea AS 3-phase (Track Spot)

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As you may have noticed, our track spot (Linea AS 3F) was only available in no dim versions. Until now.
One of our clients asked us to come up with a solution to make this luminaire dimmable, so they could use this particular luminaire for their project. Luckily, we like challenges. So, our R&D department got to work and came up with several ideas. After completing tests on those ideas they chose to implement the most user friendly and safe option.
By means of a potentiometer on the luminaires’ body, the spot can be dimmed. That makes it possible to install every track spot with the desired light output individually, and adjust this when needed.
Since we introduced the Linea AS 3F, this luminaire has been used for retail projects very often. Because of the possibility to adjust the spot as needed, it has become a very suitable option for museums and the hospitality industry.
Would you like to know more about the dimming options on our Linea AS 3F? Please do not hesitate and contact us. In case you have a special request for us: we welcome the challenge!